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Chengdu “Wall Lords” Graffiti Event in Photos

Last Saturday I attended the Wall Lords graffiti battle in Chengdu, spending the afternoon watching incredible graffiti murals materialize in front of me. For Chengdu’s humble street art scene, this is the stuff of dreams. These are my photos.

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Learning from Public Reaction to the Wenzhou Train Collision

Is this the end of a China dream? There’s a lot to learn from public response to the Wenzhou train crash which recently occurred.

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The Ace of Diamonds: Surviving the 2008 Earthquake

Three years ago, Charlie and two friends set out on a daytime motorcycle trip to nearby Qingcheng Shan, one of the birthplaces of Daoism. Chaos ensued as the region was ravaged by a 9.0 earthquake.

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Experience Chengdu’s Zebra Music Festival Through These Photos

Want to know what the biggest music event of the year in Chengdu was like? Experience it through 60+ photos right here.

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Harvest Season: What Really Happens When a Tourist Town Blows Up

Author Chris Taylor will be in Chengdu this weekend talking about his new novel, Harvest Season, an up close and unforgiving look at life in a town that is moving from traveler’s haven to tourist trap.

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