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A Fiery Feast: Sichuan Hot Pot

Hot Pot is but another Sichuanese institution – like teahouses and foggy skies – without which the locals would slowly wither and die. In fact, the overcast Sichuan sky and the damp conditions of the Sichuan basin make hot pot a necessity.

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A Sichuan Restaurant Menu Translated: Stir Fry Dishes

This particular restaurant offers 150 different dishes: let’s translate them all. This first post translates all 38 of the stir fried dishes on the menu.

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6 Weird Snacks from a Chinese Supermarket

When you’ve been living in China for a few years, you take things for granted. Like the innumerable bizarre items that you pass in the supermarket between the things you can actually identify.

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Underground Gourmet: Delicious Dumplings

Legend has it that Marco Polo brought the recipe back from China in the 12th century and made them famous in the West as ravioli — little flour pouches with tasty fillings, boiled and served. We reveal our favorite places to get dumplings in Chengdu.

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Underground Gourmet: The Best Noodles

Discover the tastiest noodles in Chengdu in this guide to the best that the city has to offer.

From Master Huang’s “Superior Sliced” noodles to Granny Jin’s “Palm-style”, these are some of my favorites that I’ve been going to in Chengdu for years. Best of all, you won’t find them listed anywhere else.

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