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Returning to the US: An Immigrant in My Own Land

It’s winter in Minneapolis, and I am thinking about hot pot and Sichuan, but only very briefly. It’s good to be back in the US, and here are some reasons why.

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A Glimpse of Chongqing’s Past, Present, and Future

A recent weekend in Chongqing gave me a glimpse of what this unique city’s past and present look like.

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The Development of Chengdu: Interview with Journalist Michiel Hulshof

After publishing a book on the development of cities in Central and Western China, what does Michiel Hulshof think about Chengdu? I ask him in this interview.

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Chengdu Travel Videos: Mind, Body, and Spirit

Last fall I spent six weeks working with a video production crew to tell the story of Chengdu. We ended up with three shorts: Mind, Body and Spirit, that present an inspiring picture of Chengdu’s culture, people and traditions.

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Photos: Tibetan Temple in the Fall

The Moms and I followed my good friend Zhuang deep into the hills west of Chengdu on a day trip in search of golden gingko trees. We found them surrounding a Buddhist temple.

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