Photos: Costumed DJ Liman Excites Xiong Mao

A week before halloween, a costumed DJ came to Chengdu’s Xiong Mao club and got the place rowdy. Real rowdy.

I gave away some free tickets to the show on the forum and headed over with friends around 10pm. I had heard about this DJ before, Liman from Beijing, but hadn’t seen him perform before. He was playing alongside DJ Tomu from Tokyo and Chengdu’s D3F crew, but Liman stole the show with great stage presence. He climbed atop the DJ table, gestured to the crowd all night, and came in a studded leather jacket and punk rock persona. If you weren’t there, you missed out.

But even if you did, the good news is that Xiong Mao, three weeks after hosting DJ Shadow, is doing well and drawing a crowd. Catch me and friends there next week at Disco Death on Friday October 28th with DJ JCC. Come in a costume and get in for free.

Disco Death with DJ JCC

Disco Death, Friday Oct 28th at Xiong Mao

Xiong Mao with DJ Liman Photos

Chengdu Xiong Mao Club photo

Chengdu Xiong Mao Club photo

Chengdu Xiong Mao Club photo

Chengdu Xiong Mao Club photo

Chengdu Xiong Mao Club photo

Chengdu Xiong Mao Club photo

Chengdu Xiong Mao Club photo

Chengdu Xiong Mao Club photo

Chengdu Xiong Mao Club photo

Chengdu Xiong Mao Club photo

Chengdu Xiong Mao Club photo

Chengdu Xiong Mao Club photo

Chengdu Xiong Mao Club photo

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14 Responses to “Photos: Costumed DJ Liman Excites Xiong Mao”

  1. Nice photos. I had seen Liman at the old Panda club and he has a great stage presence. At that show I was one of those guys right by the booth gulping for free vodka.

    The great thing is seeing so many young (and not so young) Chinese enjoying electronic music. People were dancing and having fun thats what electronic music is all about. In my opinion the music was it a bit too “Ed Banger-ish” but an open bar helps put prejudice aside. Let’s hope some other Chinese DJs will take the cue and not play monotonous minmal techno with few breaks and no lyrics.

    By the way it was hilarious to see Tan Zhong dancing in the booth near the Russian models. I love it when he gets wasted =]

    • Yeah, it was real rowdy in there. I notice that a lot of Chinese DJs perform shows looking kinda bored on stage. Not this guy. It’s nice to see so much enthusiasm for a change.

      From a DJ’s perspective his set wasn’t very interesting from a technical standpoint since he’s mixing from one (pre-warped) song to another in Ableton Live which pretty much requires no skill. But that is really nitpicking and he certainly achieved results. Good show and lots of fun.

  2. is that black masking tape on dude’s head?

  3. They look like black glow sticks, which seems like an oxymoron. But he used to have an orange glow stick crown which was pretty based.

  4. Great Show! Was pleasantly surprised about the energy and the crowd response. This East Chengdu venue is also worth checking out.

    • What’s up Botts, I didn’t know you were there! Good times indeed, glad you could make it.

      • I was hanging with the hardcore Chengdu Panda Rugby crowd. I must say that your pictures are much improved from the ones I took with the IPhone 3GS, but the video was pretty good.

        • Definitely, shooting in those conditions really requires an external flash with manual exposure controls. Otherwise the images will be blurry and dark (no flash) or too bright (no manual exposure control).

  5. Had a great time at the Liman show. I was expecting a little more from DJ Tomu, but luckily Liman was there to pick up the pieces, he had great energy and got everyone rowdy!

  6. Great images and great use of color. Looks like the show was a blast and lively.

  7. shinichi

    nice images.
    do you have last weekend photo? glad to meet discodeath back


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