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  • Sarah Chen
    Sarah Chen

    Dear all,

    I’ve nearly finished my thesis about Cultural differences between China and the west.I wonder if anyone can give me some suggestions about it?

    So I thought it would be a great idea to invite you guys over for a cup of tea/coffee while talking about cultural differences.I’ll also prepare some snacks.

    I would really appreciate.


    (PM me if you are interested)


    Donglin Huang

    Sorry, I would not be able to make it. the thousands of miles to travel is too far.

    But I am happy to talk differences here.

    First noticeable difference is water.

    In the west, we have big filtration systems and bacterial killers to keep the ring water mains clean and the underground pipes keep the water cool. So many western countries culturally drink cold water. Where as in China, the mains water is not so clean for whatever reason and bottled water is drunk a lot more. But is came to the Chinese attention that hot water kills off bacteria so hot or warm water has culturally become the norm instead.

    Sarah Chen
    Sarah Chen

    Thanks lonewolf.The water systems here is quite unpleasant,uncontrollable.

    Get yourself a cup of tea 🙂


    Donglin Huang

    But boiling your water makes it drinkable. 🙂

    Here is another difference.

    China: Tea is drunk without milk or sugar. It is clean and fresh with no bitter after taste.

    UK: Tea is drunk with lots of milk and sugar. Is has a bitter after taste and not a lot of people like it.


    Donglin Huang

    Here is a little bit of history that may help shed some light on differences.

    Humans first appeared in North Africa and spread into Europe and then spread across India then into Asia and China.

    At that time, Asia was fertile plains but Europe was thick forests. Many bears and wolves live in forests.

    This allowed humans to form colonies faster and produce the first civilization in China. Where as the West had to survive and overpower,  powerful animals before they could form any large colonies.

    Writing came in the form of lines formed from axe blows where as the Chinese used dyes and inks earlier so they could form complex flowing characters. Hence the formation of ideographs (single character pictures/ideas) to make a word in China compared to multiple characters of simple strokes to form words in Europe.

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