Best of 2012

Chengdu Living’s Best of 2012

A recap of the most talked-about and well-loved stories on Chengdu Living in 2012, including a best-of list of forum posts.

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China iPhone apps

5 Essential Apps for Living in China

I’ve tested hundreds of apps for iPhone and iPad and then distilled those down to five incredibly useful apps for life in China. These are the essentials.

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Chengdu construction

Li Chuncheng’s Fall Threatens Chengdu’s Rise

China’s development into a major world power is based on the achievements of a corrupt system that creates both massive infrastructure projects and fabulously wealthy individuals. When one of these individuals is taken down, the whole system shivers.

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Love and Marriage

Love and Marriage in Modern China

Something has recently been brought to my attention about marriage in China that has led to a shift in my perspective. It truly is a man’s world.

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Apple China

Apple Set to Conquer Chengdu

After years of speculation, Apple advances further into China with the opening of it’s first official Apple Store in Western China. Right here in Chengdu.

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Chengdu Ex-Mayor Faces Corruption Charges

Li Chuncheng was Chengdu’s overlord for years before ascending to the No. 2 political position in the province. Now he is under investigation for corruption and faces the Party axe.

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Modern Chinese Youth on Filial Piety

Peter Vernezze authored a book about the philosophical views of young Chinese in modern China. Based upon essays they wrote and discussion they had, Vernezze has five important takeaways. The first: If you’re old and in China, worry.

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Why China Will Never Rule the World: The Interview

Nine questions about China’s future with Troy Parfitt, author of “Why China Will Never Rule the World”. No punches held.

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Raising a Child in China: Choosing a Kindergarten

In China, the choice of where to send your child takes on added importance with the recent rise in alternatives to public schools to meet a growing demand for “gardens”.

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Reading Between The Lions: An Expat’s Guide to Chinese Folk Art

Ever wonder what all those animals mean on the trinkets and small souvenirs sold in Songxian Qiao and Jinli? Ben Haier breaks down a few of the more common symbols in this essay, the first in a series on the topic.

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