Photos from Panda Festival with DJ Shadow

The biggest electronic music event to ever take place in Chengdu – the 2011 Panda Electronic Music Festival – concluded just several short days ago. After recuperating for a day I edited the photos taken by myself and Shingshing and present them here.

Over the course of the extended weekend Xiong Mao hosted a crowd of thousands, including a sold-out show on October 2nd which is when DJ Shadow christened the virgin venue. I had an incredible time opening for him, got my MPC 2000XL signed (a classic sampler used by DJ Shadow) and saw a dozen DJ’s over the course of the three day festival.

If you weren’t able to attend, the venue is incredible and easily ranks among the best spaces in China (or perhaps even Asia) to see a DJ performance. The bar was open (literally, free drinks all night throughout the festival), the bass was hitting, and a number of musical styles were represented. Local DJs like Cvalda, DJ Wu, Andy Mac, Dbassman, Marco and others did their thing in the main room alongside Beijing DJs like Yang Bing and Sulumi and German techno DJs Efdemin and Lawrence. Photos of all of them below.

What an incredible weekend this was for Chengdu!

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

The massive crowd outside Xiong Mao on the first day

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

Outside music area with Dbassman playing to a lone enthusiastic dancer

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

Psychedelic projections on the inside of Xiong Mao controlled by a VJ were a staple of the festival

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

The lively crowd in the main room was drenched in black lights

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

The two German techno DJ's from Berlin, Efdemin and Lawrence

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

Headliner for the first night of the festival, playing techno

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

Chengdu local DJ Wu played dubstep and some commercial hip hop

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

Knit cap, head lamp, white glasses, and headphones. This guy was kitted out.

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

Me beginning my set with classic funk by The Meters

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

Well equipped but without a single turntable. Xone:92 and CDJ-2000

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

The main room was fully packed at 11:30pm on the second day, 30 minutes before DJ Shadow begun

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

DJ Shadow's equipment laid in wait in the background. Also CDJ's

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

Climbing aboard a speaker to get a better view

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

Sweaty and handing it off to DJ Shadow

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

DJ Shadow emerges and introduces himself to the crowd

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

DJ Shadow performed alongside a VJ creating live visuals

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

DJ Shadow was scratching throughout almost the entire set

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

After finishing at 1:20am, I got DJ Shadow to sign my Akai MPC

2011 Xiong Mao Festival2011 Xiong Mao Festival

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

Justin (DJ Big Snax) outside the venue spinning fire

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

Martin and Joe closed out the main room playing drum & bass

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

Marco was the only DJ that I saw actually playing records

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

Andy Mac playing techno on the third night

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

Dbassman following up Andy Mac and playing at midnight

2011 Xiong Mao Festival

Beijing techno DJ wrapping up the main room as the crowd began to thin out


Overall this was one of the most fun weekends I’ve ever had in Chengdu and I ran into many others who’ve lived in Chengdu for years and said the same thing. We’re all happy and hopeful that Xiong Mao’s following will continue to grow and we’re able to continue bringing world class performers to Chengdu. Look out for the first Disco Death on Friday October 28th featuring Guangzhou-based drum n bass DJ JCC.


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Having lived in Chengdu for ten years, Charlie has traveled to every corner of China and back again, calling the Yulin neighborhood of Chengdu his home. He's a part time DJ and full time mobile game developer, too.

19 Responses to “Photos from Panda Festival with DJ Shadow”

  1. Nice pics Charlie…somebody threw an apple at the lone dancer shortly after that pic was taken, probably aiming for me 🙂

    • Hahaha… Highly doubtful I think! You were doing your thing and that one guy was just going off. What a sight.

      Nice job though Dave, I enjoyed your set in the main room.

  2. What a great festival in an amazing new space in a fantastic new development. The East Music Park and Panda Club certainly exceeded all expectations. Night 2 of the festival was especially insane with the whole crowd going nuts during your set Charlie and following with DJ Shadow. The energy was electric.

    Interestingly enough, I had just attended a round-table discussion right before the show on Sunday at the Chengdu Biennale next door. The topic of the discussion was ‘cultural development in Chengdu’.

    Needless to say, no more proof was needed after the festival that the city is at the forefront of cultural development in China.

    Very nice work Chengdu!

  3. Looks like a very nice venue indeed ! Good to see this, hope your set went well !

    • Thanks Yeming, the venue is pretty fantastic. Aside from not even having a single turntable to use (DJ Shadow’s guys unhooked it in the afternoon because it took away space he needed for his CD players!) everything went pretty well. I had a blast. Hopefully you can catch the festival one of these years, it’s supposed to be an annual event over the October holiday.

  4. The weekend was off the hook. I’m hoping that xiong mao maintain the vibe and reel in the party people.

    • It looks like we at least have a great chance of them keeping up the pace. They’re organizing their own events now and bringing headliners to Chengdu.

  5. Nice photos.
    DJ Shadow’s live show was amazing,and the VJ video was the best I’ve ever seen in Chengdu. That was definitely a great night.

  6. So rad… can’t believe I wasn’t there for this!

  7. i wuz there. got sweaty 🙂

  8. AM

    Nice pics Charlie.

    DJ Krush playing xiong mao early December.

    They are also trying to get Richie Hawtin here sometime next year.

    Bring it on!!!

  9. shinichi

    love panda festival!

  10. So happy to see you guys can have fun in CD. I miss my hometown so much. I plan to come back next year from U.S. <3


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