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Jordan Xiang painting

Comfort in Anxiety: Embracing Uncertainty with Artist Jordan Xiang

Insight into how Chengdu artist Jordan Xiang embraces uncertainty, rejects denial, and finds beauty in the bathroom.

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Toyato Chengdu

Chengdu’s “Toyato” Graffiti Competition in Photos

Last weekend in Chengdu local graffiti veteran Gas hosted another “Toyato” street art competition with beautiful results.

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What’s Inside Yulin’s Hidden Art Gallery

On a small alley in Yulin lies a tiny art gallery that you’d be unlikely to find on your own. Here’s what I found.

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An American Artist in Chengdu II: From Cave To Sky

American painter Will Kerr’s show is running until July 6th in Chengdu. Get down there and experience thousands of years of creativity hitting you full force right in the cerebellum.

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Life of the Artist: Liang Wei’s Shifting Landscapes

Shifting between the landscape art community in Seattle in the United States and Sichuan Province in China, Liang Wei is one of a kind.

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