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An American Artist in Chengdu II: From Cave To Sky

American painter Will Kerr’s show is running until July 6th in Chengdu. Get down there and experience thousands of years of creativity hitting you full force right in the cerebellum.

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An American Artist in Chengdu: Interview with Will Kerr

Having spent a full year as a resident artist at Sichuan University, we interview him here about his impressions of and thoughts on the Chengdu and China art scene.

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Portrait of a Chengdu Artist: He Duoling

He Duoling, Chengdu local and co-founder of China’s infamous “Scar Art” movement, is not a surrealist. But he is widely regarded as one of China’s greatest living masters of realism and is creating incredible pieces in Chengdu’s artist sanctuary He Tang Yuese.

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