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Natooke Zombiecat

“Alleycat” Street Race Catalyzes Chengdu’s Cyclists

In a milestone event for Chengdu’s cyclist community, hundreds converged at the center of Chengdu to participate in the Natooke alleycat bicycle race.

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Chengdu’s Fixed Gear Bikes: Interview with Jacob of Natooke Cycles

Known for minimal aesthetic and bright colors, fixed gear bicycles are appearing everywhere around Chengdu. I interview Jacob Klink, proprietor of Natooke Chengdu Bicycle Shop about this exploding subculture.

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Psykling in Chengdu: A 5-Point Guide

Psykling is the Kung Fu of the bicycle. Want to learn more? I share my tips and experiences in this 5-point guide to the essentials.

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China Bicycles

5 Steps to Prevent Your Bike From Getting Stolen in China

Getting around China on a bicycle is a fantastic experience that’s tempered by the eventual realization that bike thieves are everywhere, all across the country. Use these five tips to greatly reduce your chances of unwittingly donating your bike to the local community of thieves.

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Chengdu Living Podcast #2

We sat down recently and recorded the second Chengdu Living Podcast on the following topics: nationality, Zebra Music Festival, and a two-part topic: buying bicycles and bicycle thievery in China. Listen on the site or subscribe in iTunes.

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