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Split Crotch Pants: China’s Environmentally Friendly Non-Diaper

Chinese have been practicing a wholesome, down to earth style of potty training for as long as anyone can remember. The key component of Chinese potty training? Split Crotch Pants.

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Inky Matuszak

Raising a Child in China: Learning Languages

Raising children of mixed heritage usually means learning another language, and my kids are working on English and Chinese simultaneously. Here’s what I’ve learned.

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Raising a Child in China: Choosing a Kindergarten

In China, the choice of where to send your child takes on added importance with the recent rise in alternatives to public schools to meet a growing demand for “gardens”.

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Filial Piety

New Sheriff in the Kitchen: Life With my Chinese Girlfriend’s Mother

Growing to understand my girlfriend’s mother has been like solving a riddle. But now, I finally feel like I understand.

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Enduring the China Blues: Continued

Big names are leaving China these days, and so are some little ones. In this essay I rant about China, repeat myself, and conclude with something somewhat heartwarming … China is dead, long live China.

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Raising a Child in China: Mama Groups

Moms across China are taking their bodies and their children back from the clan and the State and trying to create the “village” kids need themselves, through online and offline mama groups.

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Chengdu Living’s Most Popular Posts of 2010

We’ve had a great year sharing some incredible stories and experiences in 2010. In this post we highlight the most commented and most linked-to posts published on Chengdu Living over the last year.

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Raising a Child in China: Mixed Blood Prince

Over the last 6 months, I’ve been raising my half-Chinese child in China, his home country. Recently I’ve been noticing how they treat him: they love him too much.

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Raising a Child in Chengdu: In-Laws

The term in-laws is loaded with meaning. The classic depiction is of a crazy father and a domineering mother, but in my situation, I find neither is really true. All families are nuts in their own way and here is a glimpse into ours.

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Raising a Child In Chengdu: Nationality

Although it’s illegal for Chinese citizens to hold another passport, the flexibility of China allows for parents of mixed-heritage children to entertain the idea of dual-citizenship. In this most recent addition to the series, we take a look at requirements and possibilities for passports, visas and hukous.

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