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Split Crotch Pants: China’s Environmentally Friendly Non-Diaper

Chinese have been practicing a wholesome, down to earth style of potty training for as long as anyone can remember. The key component of Chinese potty training? Split Crotch Pants.

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How to Live in Chengdu

In my time I’ve learned a few things about living in China, which I humbly offer here. Call them Pro Tips to life in China, if you will.

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Inky Matuszak

Raising a Child in China: Learning Languages

Raising children of mixed heritage usually means learning another language, and my kids are working on English and Chinese simultaneously. Here’s what I’ve learned.

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Love and Marriage

Love and Marriage in Modern China

Something has recently been brought to my attention about marriage in China that has led to a shift in my perspective. It truly is a man’s world.

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Filial Piety

New Sheriff in the Kitchen: Life With my Chinese Girlfriend’s Mother

Growing to understand my girlfriend’s mother has been like solving a riddle. But now, I finally feel like I understand.

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Raising a Child in China: Split between Two Worlds

I had a tough Christmas break to begin with, as my German parents and Chinese wife struggled to find common ground. It turns out that bridging this cultural gap isn’t so easy, but I learned a few things.

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Raising a Child in Chengdu: In-Laws

The term in-laws is loaded with meaning. The classic depiction is of a crazy father and a domineering mother, but in my situation, I find neither is really true. All families are nuts in their own way and here is a glimpse into ours.

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