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Measuring PM2.5 for 200rmb: the SamoAir Review

Can a digital particle measuring device available for less than 200rmb really be worth your time? For the price, this thing is pretty amazing.

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BJJ Chengdu

Chengdu Stories: Jiu Jitsu with JerryS

Chengdu’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu scene has advanced remarkably since I interviewed Jamie in 2011. I check in with the organizations new leader, Jerry.

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Best of 2012

Chengdu Living’s Best of 2012

A recap of the most talked-about and well-loved stories on Chengdu Living in 2012, including a best-of list of forum posts.

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Raising a Child in Chengdu: Sourcing Baby Products

Chinese mothers are increasingly aware of the potential dangers presented by unsafe domestic products. I procure baby items with my wife for our newborn child.

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Symptoms and Ailments: A Westerner’s View of Traditional Chinese Medicine

To understand Traditional Chinese Medicine, one must first understand that ailments are as defined and comprehensible only in the context of its own system. As a medical student, I’m tasked with the charge of understanding both East and Western medical philosophies.

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Raising a Child in Chengdu: Breastfeeding

If you think breastfeeding comes natural to a mama, think again. Mother and child have to learn how to move together and that takes some practice. I learn to navigate the path along with my wife in Chengdu.

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Giving Birth in Chengdu: Postpartum Recovery

The institutional coldness of the hospital soon gives way to the cozy quilt of Grammas wisdom and traditional Pig’s Feet and Peanut soup. For a full month after giving birth, Chinese medical theory calls for a strict regime to help mothers regain their strength.

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Giving Birth in Chengdu: A New Life

Just as the first barrage of New year fireworks echoed throughout Chengdu, The Notations transitioned into David Ruffin’s Heaven Help Us on iTunes and I watched my newborn son heave a sigh of relief and squirm a bit deeper into his swaddling. This post is about the birth of my first child in Chengdu.

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Giving Birth in Chengdu: The Cesarean Conspiracy

A recent report published by the World Health Organization draws attention to the fact that the number of c-sections performed in China is skyrocketing. Why is this? I take a look as my wife prepares to give birth to our own child.

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Giving Birth in Chengdu

This is the first part in a series about mamas, babies and hospitals in Chengdu. We’ll talk about choosing a hospital, the business side of the doctor and interesting superstitions.

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