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Chengdu Living harmonized

Chengdu Living Has Been Harmonized

Chengdu Living suddenly became inaccessible from within China on Thursday March 10th.  Hoping for the best, we held on for a day until we were able to confirm that indeed, after 14 months of being online, we are now officially blocked. Here’s our take.

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How to Call Friends and Family Overseas for Free

I remember buying international phone cards to call overseas when I first arrived in China. It was slow and annoying. Fortunately, there’s a much better way that might even be free for you.

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Freedur VPN Giveaway

Perhaps you’ve already noticed, but we at Chengdu Living are big fans of Freedur VPN. So we’re happy to announce that we have ten free annual subscriptions (valued at the newly discounted price of $60) that we’re giving away to readers! Read on to find out how to win.

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The Cliche Generation With Chinese Characteristics

Chinese born after 1990 (dubbed “90后”) came of age in 2008, when earthquakes and Olympics rocked the Chinese Maindland. Now in their early 20’s, many people inside and outside of China are watching this demographic very closely to see how they will shape the future.

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Google.cn Is No More

After months of conjecture over what the outcome of Google’s fateful blog post calling out China would be, Google.cn is out of operation. To be exact, all of Google’s China search services (Google Search, Google News, and Google Images) are being redirected to Google.com.hk where uncensored results are being offered to surfers in Mainland China. For the time being.

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