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Canon filter

Escaping the Apathy Trap: Q&A with Smart Air Filters

Some of us have found the will to shell out cash for an air purifier while others laugh at death. Smart Air Filter has disrupted the game with a cheap alternative.

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BJJ Chengdu

Chengdu Stories: Jiu Jitsu with JerryS

Chengdu’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu scene has advanced remarkably since I interviewed Jamie in 2011. I check in with the organizations new leader, Jerry.

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Nommoc app

Combatting “Expat Illiteracy” With Apps

Read my interview with Aaron, developer of the nommoc app, designed to combat the phenomenon of expat illiteracy in China.

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Chengdu Stories: 300 Shots of Baijiu

Q&A with Derek Sandhaus, who committed to 300 shots of baijiu over a year ago, and has since authored a blog and committed to write a book on the subject.

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Why China Will Never Rule the World: The Interview

Nine questions about China’s future with Troy Parfitt, author of “Why China Will Never Rule the World”. No punches held.

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An American Artist in Chengdu: Interview with Will Kerr

Having spent a full year as a resident artist at Sichuan University, we interview him here about his impressions of and thoughts on the Chengdu and China art scene.

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The Development of Chengdu: Interview with Journalist Michiel Hulshof

After publishing a book on the development of cities in Central and Western China, what does Michiel Hulshof think about Chengdu? I ask him in this interview.

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Chengdu Stories: Adam Mayer on Urban Development

Chengdu is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. So what’s coming in the next few years? Adam Mayer is a great person to ask and I did exactly that.

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Expert Analysis: Interview with Steve Dickinson of China Law Blog

I recently attended a riveting lecture by a China veteran of the highest order. Steve Dickinson, lawyer and co-author of China Law Blog.

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Plastic Bags, Ecology and Chengdu’s Effort to Clean Up

Since the Beijing Olympics the Chinese government has put forth a genuine effort to reduce pollution, but how’s the plastic bag ban working out in Chengdu?

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