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How to Wirelessly Control Your Air Filter Remotely for 99 rmb

Combined with a Smart Air filter, you can have a fully automated wirelessly-controllable air filtration setup for less than 300 rmb. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how.

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Didi Taxi

Hail Taxis From Anywhere in Chengdu With This Amazing App

Looking for a taxi? There’s a new best way to find one in Chengdu. It takes seconds and it’s called Didi Taxi. Here’s how it works.

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Nommoc app

Combatting “Expat Illiteracy” With Apps

Read my interview with Aaron, developer of the nommoc app, designed to combat the phenomenon of expat illiteracy in China.

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Apple China

Apple Set to Conquer Chengdu

After years of speculation, Apple advances further into China with the opening of it’s first official Apple Store in Western China. Right here in Chengdu.

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Why You Should Join Tom Cruise & Bill Gates on Weibo

There’s a titanic shift happening on the Chinese internet right now. It’s time to see what this Weibo talk is all about and how it can benefit you.

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How to Read Chinese Characters Without Learning Them: Pleco OCR

Ever wanted to read Chinese without actually taking the time to learn it? This is the tool for you. Hope you have or are planning on getting an iPhone.

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Apple Unleashes iPad in China

The iPad has been selling at a furious pace around the world and its official release in China means one thing is certain: you’re about to see these devices all over the place in China’s major cities.

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Google Buzz and China

Two days ago, Google announced a new product called Buzz which competes with Facebook and Twitter. With it’s competition blocked in China, the door appears to be wide open for Google to strike, but what risks lie ahead for Google and its latest platform?

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Sharing Media and Making Friends on Douban

With millions of people sharing movie, music, and book reviews and recommendations, Douban is one of the most popular sites in China. Here’s how you can use it to discover new Chinese albums and films to enjoy.

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All About the iPhone in China

Having just been officially released on China Unicom, a lot of questions remain about iPhone and the numerous options that are available. Find the answers inside!

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