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Chengdu Living Podcast

Podcast #27: One Month in Chinese Jail

On this episode of the podcast I’m joined by Doug, who just emerged from nearly one month in a Chinese jail due to a visa law violation.

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Uber in Chengdu

What Uber Means to Chengdu: More than Money

Uber is winning the hearts and minds of local drivers and passengers as municipal governments struggle to deal with the popular car-hailing app.

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Love and Marriage

Love and Marriage in Modern China

Something has recently been brought to my attention about marriage in China that has led to a shift in my perspective. It truly is a man’s world.

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Expert Analysis: Interview with Steve Dickinson of China Law Blog

I recently attended a riveting lecture by a China veteran of the highest order. Steve Dickinson, lawyer and co-author of China Law Blog.

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Raising a Child In Chengdu: Nationality

Although it’s illegal for Chinese citizens to hold another passport, the flexibility of China allows for parents of mixed-heritage children to entertain the idea of dual-citizenship. In this most recent addition to the series, we take a look at requirements and possibilities for passports, visas and hukous.

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