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Summer in Chengdu

8 Photos to Say Goodbye to Chengdu’s Summer

To wish summer in Chengdu farewell, I’ve got eight photos from the season to share.

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The People You See in Chengdu

It’s always a pleasant surprise to share brief encounters with strangers on the streets of Chengdu. Recently I’ve been taking portraits of Chengdu’s ordinary folk.

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Review: Chengdu’s Big Love Music Festival Turns to Big Scorn

Last weekend Chengdu hosted dozens of bands and thousands of patrons at the Big Love music festival. But was it all love?

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Chengdu “Wall Lords” Graffiti Event in Photos

Last Saturday I attended the Wall Lords graffiti battle in Chengdu, spending the afternoon watching incredible graffiti murals materialize in front of me. For Chengdu’s humble street art scene, this is the stuff of dreams. These are my photos.

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Anti-Japan Demonstration Ignites Chengdu (photos + video)

Several days ago I was informed of an anti-Japan demonstration taking place in the heart of Chengdu. “This one’s going to be big”, I heard. And big it was. I came back with photos to describe the experience.

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