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Opportunistic China Bashing is Counter-Productive

How quickly does the goodwill Chinese youth have toward the US evaporate in the face of opportunistic China bashing?

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Why China Will Never Rule the World: The Interview

Nine questions about China’s future with Troy Parfitt, author of “Why China Will Never Rule the World”. No punches held.

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Chengdu Stories: Adam Mayer on Urban Development

Chengdu is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. So what’s coming in the next few years? Adam Mayer is a great person to ask and I did exactly that.

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Chengdu’s Pilot Program to Abolish the Hukou

Rural migrants – the oil that has kept the Chinese economic engine greased – are about to get an upgrade to their social status. Or is it that simple?

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Greed & Corruption: the USA Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo

This is a first hand account of what went on behind the drab gray exterior of the USA Pavilion — a tale of greed, indifference, corruption, rebellion and eventually justice — written by one of the Student Ambassadors who worked there.

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