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Chengdu ebikes

Video: China’s Electric Revolution

After four years in Chengdu surrounded by silent riders, I produced a short 12-minute documentary on Chengdu’s most popular mode of transportation: the electric bike.

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Cycle of Sameness

Breaking the Cycle of Sameness: Places

Looking for new places to enjoy in Chengdu? You are not alone. Here’s a quick guide to help you out, including tips on daytime and nighttime venues in the city.

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Chengdu’s Fixed Gear Bikes: Interview with Jacob of Natooke Cycles

Known for minimal aesthetic and bright colors, fixed gear bicycles are appearing everywhere around Chengdu. I interview Jacob Klink, proprietor of Natooke Chengdu Bicycle Shop about this exploding subculture.

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Learning from Public Reaction to the Wenzhou Train Collision

Is this the end of a China dream? There’s a lot to learn from public response to the Wenzhou train crash which recently occurred.

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Taxi Fares Rise in Chengdu

Over the last week, Chengdu’s taxi fares have risen by 2 yuan across the board. Along with the subway, transportation is really coming to the forefront in Chengdu. What’s the likely reason and is this a big deal or not?

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