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Why I Can't Leave Chengdu

Why I Can’t Leave Chengdu

Now that the Chengdu compound is finished, it’s time to set sights on an even greater prize: compounds across the world!

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China Traffic

Two Worlds: 5 Striking Differences Between the US & China

I hate to make sweeping generalizations that over-simplify the diversity and variation within each country, but I will make them anyway.

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Egypt protest

China and US Play Vital Roles in Egypt’s Uprising

Egypt’s revolution united the people behind a single banner: Change. But the factors that brought all those people together were almost all foreign — not the media and not spies per se — but exploitative American politics and headlong Chinese development.

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Google Prepared to Leave China

After spending untold billions earning its significant search market share, Google has had enough and is preparing to pull out of the largest Internet market in the world.

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The Most Potent Fertilizer on Earth

If you haven’t heard of Jin Ke La, you should check this out. A Chinese fertilizer company masquerades as an American government-affiliated multi-national with hilarious result.

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