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Chengdu Travel Videos: Mind, Body, and Spirit

Last fall I spent six weeks working with a video production crew to tell the story of Chengdu. We ended up with three shorts: Mind, Body and Spirit, that present an inspiring picture of Chengdu’s culture, people and traditions.

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Chengdu Living harmonized

Chengdu Living Has Been Harmonized

Chengdu Living suddenly became inaccessible from within China on Thursday March 10th.  Hoping for the best, we held on for a day until we were able to confirm that indeed, after 14 months of being online, we are now officially blocked. Here’s our take.

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Freedur VPN Giveaway

Perhaps you’ve already noticed, but we at Chengdu Living are big fans of Freedur VPN. So we’re happy to announce that we have ten free annual subscriptions (valued at the newly discounted price of $60) that we’re giving away to readers! Read on to find out how to win.

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Save 50% on Freedur VPN

Freedur, our favorite VPN service, has recently raised its prices. Fortunately we have a coupon code which will get you 50% off. Read more inside.

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Freedur Giveaway

If you’re reading this from inside China and aren’t accessing the internet through a VPN, you should be. With a VPN, you can access Youtube, Facebook, and everything else on the internet anonymously. With this in mind, we gave away 10 six-month Freedur VPN subscriptions, valued at $40 each!! Results inside.

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