9 Roles as a Personal Interpreter

I took the American summer camp director’s right flank as we visited Chinese school leaders and forged life-time business partnerships. Through the experience, I assumed a number of different roles which I share with you here.

Chengdu’s New Pedestrian Overpasses

Looking down over Chengdu’s roadscape is no longer a luxury reserved for tenants of high-rise apartments. Now anyone on foot can enjoy a view of the street from Chengdu’s brand new pedestrian overpass system.

Using Apple OSX’s Character Palette to Input Chinese

Apple’s Character Palette is great for finding problematic characters that can’t be located by Pinyin, and if you’re on a Mac, you don’t even have to download anything! Read about how it works in this post.

AC Remote Control

Read Your Chinese AC’s Remote Control

Now, since we’re approaching the coldest time of year, is a great time to learn what is actually written on your air conditioners remote control. If you aren’t using the timer, you’re missing out.