Experimental art

Experimental Live Art in Chengdu

Performance art was once big in Chengdu and across China, but a ban on performance drove the live art crowd underground. The ban was recently lifted and artists converged on Flower Town to revive the art, Tabitha reports.

An American Artist in Chengdu II: From Cave To Sky

American painter Will Kerr’s show is running until July 6th in Chengdu. Get down there and experience thousands of years of creativity hitting you full force right in the cerebellum.

The Artist, Interrogating Performance: Zhou Bin

In her latest profile of Chengdu artists, Tabitha tries to make sense of Zhou Bin’s extreme performance art and the power of the naked body, while not vomiting or otherwise expelling body fluids all over the place.

Yang Mian’s Art

Yang Mian is one of Chengdu’s most successful artists. His work explores boundaries between reality and illusion, perspectives and standards – interrogating and challenging concepts we all take for granted. We take a closer look in this essay.

Tang Wugang: The Armory of an Artist

Tang Wu Gang is a young, up and coming artist with a unique style and a flair for armor, oil and good smokes. We take a closer work at the man and his art in this latest installment of Chengdu Artists