Uber in Chengdu

What Uber Means to Chengdu: More than Money

Uber is winning the hearts and minds of local drivers and passengers as municipal governments struggle to deal with the popular car-hailing app.

Marijuana in China

Marijuana in China

You could always count on a passive indifference to marijuana smoking in China from the authorities, but that attitude may be changing. Internet dealers have come to the attention of the Chinese media.

Apple China

Apple Set to Conquer Chengdu

After years of speculation, Apple advances further into China with the opening of it’s first official Apple Store in Western China. Right here in Chengdu.

Chengdu Ex-Mayor Faces Corruption Charges

Li Chuncheng was Chengdu’s overlord for years before ascending to the No. 2 political position in the province. Now he is under investigation for corruption and faces the Party axe.