Podcast Ep. #1: Cancer Oil, Chengdu’s Spy Network and Water Contamination

Sascha, Eli and Charlie recently sat down and recorded the inaugural Chengdu Living Podcast. In this episode we discuss the following topics:

  1. Hotpot Oil Scandal
  2. Chengdu’s Spy Network
  3. Chengdu’s Water Contaminated / Yunnan Drought

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12 thoughts on “Podcast Ep. #1: Cancer Oil, Chengdu’s Spy Network and Water Contamination”

  1. Wow yes I have also heard of the oil being reused but to what potential extent now becomes crystal clear. Definitely will avoid hotpot in the future I wonder if this is the case for Xiao Fei Yang (Little Sheep) as well? This was actually one of the hotpot’s that I would go to by choice…

  2. Great podcast guys! I really liked it! I love the site too but I don’t have time to read so much on it, so it’s great to get a podcast that I can listen to at work! Great to hear what’s going on in Chengdu!
    ADVICE: Speak closer to your recording device…
    Am I the first subscriber on iTunes?

    • Sound quality is unquestionably one of the areas to improve upon! We’re working on it.

      I have no idea how many people are subscribed on iTunes or how to check that information, sorry!

      Thanks for listening Magnus.

  3. Heard about the oil story a long time ago.
    Eat or cook at home, U never know what is being truly served at times.

  4. An Isreali Doctor of TCM told me about this practice over 3 years ago. Go find him and ask him what the health risks of oil are, he knows. Then ask him about the health risks of Bia Jiou. It’s the unwritten sister story.

    • That’s interesting – is there any more information online? Your doctor sounds mysterious – how does one track him down?

  5. the health risks of Bai Jiu? Besides being 2 parts ethanol and one part demon’s blood, the risks involve extended black outs, gut rot and blindness 😉


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