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Avatar photoPaul Yeandle

Hi Slavsky.

I can’t comment too much on Shenzhen – but for Kunming..


Amazing weather – think California but never too hot – it has so much sun and I never got bored of that.

Air Quality – Sometimes not great but much better than Chengdu

Travel Options – Nice travel options all around and easy gateway city to Burma, Laos and Vietnam.

Food – Underrated in my opinion, really great food, great BBQ and really cheap and plentiful fruit and veg.

Cultural Diversity – Ethnic minorities-a-plenty and fascinating villages and towns in all parts of the province


Jobs and Economy – Less developed than Chengdu and I certainly found getting work outside of English teaching easier here, also less options for Western food, shopping etc,

Public Transportation and Taxi’s – Kunming is often at a standstill and the infrastructure projects make ones in Chengdu look carefully planned and well organised.

I believe Shenzhen is great for Business and is a very young city but don’t expect the culture you find in Chengdu or Kunming, I also don’t think the food is that great. You do have HK on your doorstep and it is certainly a better place for work I would say.