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Any chance you can explain how this is different from normal Qingdao? I honestly have no idea.

Charlie, I agree with Rick in China. Tsingtao Gold is one of the few Tsingtao Brewery’s domestic products with relatively higher alcohol content at 4.3% ABV. For international markets, in the USA and UK, Tsingtao beers are usually at 4.8% ABV. Another product we have is the 330ml bottled Tsingtao Pure Darft at 3.1% ABV. This smoothy, light-tasting draft beer is not pasteurised with a shorter shelf life than conventional packaged beers. The Tsingtao Original is also available. You should know this one. We do not sale the big bottle Tsinftao beer that you guys have discussed, as it is widely available in China. Cheers! 🙂