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Avatar photoRick in China

How much or it doesn’t exist!

BTW I am interested, I’m on China Telecom IPTV now and even with a power-power ethernet connection (suggested by Ben, great idea, but the one I bought may just not work as intended) can not get my IPTV anywhere that lacks a hard eth out. I like the idea of IPTV that works via wifi. Give me more information. The site doesn’t tell me what I need:

– Price (installation, recurring)
– Downtime (does it go down occasionally like many gray market satellite services overseas?)
– Streaming (does it operate over my network in a way that means while watching TV, it’ll be consuming massive downstream throughput or occasionally need to buffer up?)
– Location restriction (I’m guessing there’s no restriction on where in town it can be installed?)
– Any other information that may help me say YES.