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Nice booking! I like the visual theme you guys are establishing with this and the Kode9 poster.

Cheers! The last one was designed by DIVISION but I done this one myself. Wanted to stick to a similar theme with the Hyperdub logo forming the background. A lot of the Hyperdub artwork has a similar feel with repetitive patterns.

As for Scratcha, he’s one of Hyperdub’s main artists, he presents the monthly Hyperdub show on the legendary Rinse FM and before that he hosted the Grimey Breakfast show on the same station. He runs his own label (DVA Music) and he’s an amazing DJ (everyone I know over in Shanghai was talking about how good he was last year). Take a look at one of his many boiler room sets

I’ve been hammering this for the last 6 months – Scratcha DVA – Fly Juice 4×4

Oh, and this is pretty cool,a feature with Noisy where he makes a track out of sounds recorded on the street