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Avatar photoLino

I have one. It’s a different brand and it was priced down to 1500 from nearly 3000 (I’m a bit sceptical but meh…)

Anyway, it does the job fairly well. However:

*requires occasional maintenance. I also have a shedding long haired cat and after several cleanings it jammed the brush
*you need to keep it away from water
*even though it is designed to detect ledges, I’ve had mine fall off sometimes (luckily its only a 5 cm drop)
*doesnt clean corners too well
*is quite noisy so better have it one while you’re out
*for some reason it doesnt always find it’s way back to the charging station

Overall though I am quite pleased with it. Cleans well, covers areas under sofa, bed, closet, etc. Low maintenance.
You can actually buy some that can mob the floor too.