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Avatar photoMr. Klink

With a user name like irlmonet, she’s just got to be the real thing!

I have never asked anyone for assistance on the net, therefore your item number 5 isn’t correct.

In the age of the internet, proof and credibility are hard to come by.  And most people are aware that in making claims they very much so need to be supported by substantial evidence.  It’s your word against a number of highly cautious people.

You’re anonymous.  So how is it that regulars in this forum, people that in fact live and work in a community and on many levels know each other beyond the white curtain that is the internet, are to come to trust you?

My thoughts on the matter.  If you need to borrow money, do it via more direct venues.  If that baby’s teeth are hurting, then ask friends, or friends of friends or friends of friends of friends of Santa Claus.  Hell, anything but latching onto a thread, that if you’d quite frankly read, would give you ample enough answer to your request.

No, you will not be able to borrow money, because this thread is a call-out of multiple scammers.  Not a shark?  Then don’t swim with them.

Good luck!