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Avatar photoRick in China

@”in real life”tarded

How ludicrous does it seem when you go to a Chengdu, China forum and ask for Euros. How many people who take part here even have Euros? Let alone 3000 of them? Do you really expect anyone here to go to a bank, exchange Euros, and send them to a stranger? How mental are you that you think that works? How many forums have you pasted shit in and gotten positive responses? I’m totally curious at the success rates, because to me it’s beyond useless and crazy. Your first post here is to ask for money, you’re not a community member or contributor as Charlie mentioned — if someone who had been chatting and met several people here asked for some cash, it’s far more likely they’d get a small loan than someone who *obviously* just googled for forums to spam paste a repeat message on, as you did.

IRLtarded. Absolutely. I really hope you’re lying, because if any of the post is true, your daughter will need a LOT MORE THERAPY having a mom who does shit like this.