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Avatar photoRick in China

OK, so, review of the gray CR120 so far, which seems normal price is 1199 or something..

– looks good
– seems it learns the house quite quickly
– dust/cat hair on floor is so, so, so, so, so much better. Now when nanny mopped, she exclaimed, wow no hair! 😛 This results in a much cleaner floor post-mop, as the mop doesn’t get filled with shit needing constant scraping off and can focus on cleaning up the deeper grime.
– It has successfully gone under beds and tables, and most importantly, down a very tiny ramp between a slightly sunken bathroom and hallway, about 1″ high, which I didn’t know if it’d be able to make it over that hump.
– It’s about as noisy as a hair dryer, this is both good and bad, because I thought it’d be noisier.
– Has not failed to find his recharge station yet! From first time to about 8 rounds since..

– When it went under the front cabinets under TV, a wheel rolled over cables and couldn’t roll back out, had to lift it and pull the cables back further to prevent repeats
– It is a little noisy if you let ’em in your bedroom while trying to get to sleep, but I don’t think noisy enough to wake me or be a bother if closing the door when he starts his evening round. This can be solved anyways by programming a schedule that fits your situation
– The little dust trap hasn’t been overfilled yet, but it does seem quite small – I guess if you get in the habit of emptying it every couple days should be no problem.
– He got stuck under a folding chair once, I had to lift it. Basically since the chair was just wide enough when opened for him to get *in*, once he was under it (against a wall) he kept trying to rotate and find an exit path, but kept sensing the legs or bunting it slightly to the point it would shift, so I guess he couldn’t learn his way outta that one conveniently. May have eventually, but after watching it appear helpless bunting around for 15 minutes, decided to lift the chair.
– It is not the type that can go up on carpet (at least not the thickness of carpet I have), and if purchasing again, that would be something I look at.
– is like 0.5cm too high to go under my couch.
– Grows on me quickly, needs a name.