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Avatar photoCharlie

im tempted…, do they speak English if i make a call to this # 18608028345?

Yes, they speak English, I don’t think you’ll have a problem

I went to Aurora, too, and am getting a root canal I needed. (Note to people: DON’T EVER LET 2 YEARS GO BY WITHOUT GETTING A TOOTH CLEANING/EXAM!)

I learned this lesson the hard way also and got a root canal in the states once which cost me thousands of dollars. Regular checkups is definitely the way to go, even though Chinese people don’t seem to go to the dentist until there’s a critical problem.

These both sound like good deals, but every Chinese friend/student I’ve mentioned this to has expressed skepticism (Chinese are understandably suspicious of the medical/dental profession these days). Has anyone been to either place for a checkup or teeth whitening and been told “your teeth are fine”? The general consensus among Chinese is that it’s a ploy to get you in, then hit you with “you have some problems that we can fix….”
Just throwing this out there….I’m keen to try one of these places.

I dunno Ray, taking advice on dental hygiene from Chinese people sounds pretty risky. Black teeth aren’t uncommon here. To answer your question though, I have definitely had check ups in Chengdu that didn’t result in anything expensive. I’ve only been to Gental Dental and Aurora (both of which speak amazing English, in my experience) and I’ve never felt ripped off for a moment at either of them.