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You will apparently need (but these things are not cast in stone as they can vary from city to city and at short notice):

  • a current passport
  • a valid Chinese Visa
  • a Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) (try the British Embassy in Beijing)
  • three photos of the marrying couple, taken together
  • a registration fee

<b>The Chinese partner to the marriage will be asked to submit the following:</b>

  • a certificate of marriageability (obtainable from the office which has the physical control of his or her file)
  • a certificate of birth
  • household registration book
  • health certificate(obtainable from a regional level local hospital)
  • a letter from the parents of the local partner giving permission for their child to marry a foreigner (this letter should include the index fingerprint of both parents below their signature and date).  (probably if your bride is young – I’d never heard of it and it doesn’t always get mentioned.

<h3>Translation of documents:</h3>
ALL English-language documents must be translated into Chinese. Translations should be obtained from and certified by one of the Municipal Public Notary offices.

This is worth a look for comparison bearing in mind that official requirements quickly change here as does the interpretation of them.

Don’t forget that your bride will want wedding photographs taken in a studio. A reception/wedding breakfast is traditional. Gifts of sweets presented at the reception in small cheapo boxes is also traditional as is handing out (single) cigarettes to the male guests.

Personally I chose to marry in the UK where I was on familiar territory.

Congratulations and good luck!