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Machu Picchu Movie Night… this time on Monday because GoT has a 1 week break…

Run Lola Run    Berlin 1998

it’s BERLIN berlin berlin

when Manni forgets a plastic bag with a hundred thousand in the subway his girlfriend LOLA has 20 minutes to come up with an idea to get Manni the money before his Criminal boss will kill him… thus starts the story… 3 times…in 3 versions of the same story each with a different outcome (a bit according to the “butterfly flaps his wings” effect)

Lola runs out, through Berlin of the 90’s , parts of east berlin, west berlin, and across the bridge into Kreuzberg. While Lola is running she encounters several characters (3 times) each time changing their story and future (depicted in polaroids flashing on screen

when this movie came out in cinema’s it was a surprise hit and had an influence in german filmmaking comparable to Pulp Fiction for Hollywood. LOLA (played by Franka Potente.. later played next to Johnny Depp in BLOW) looks Super Berlin Cool! her fiery red hair and shabby dress was actually pretty much what the berlin girls were wearing at the time…  The sound track is going on and on pumping minimal electronic with some vocal outbreaks, by one band (from Berlin!) and their music is what berlin was listening to then and yes, still now…

before i bore you with this long story , COME AND SEE THE MOVIE TONIGHT IN MACHU PICCHU at 8pm   (funny detail.. Lola is actually running into a street where i lived at the time of recording the movie)