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Avatar photoRick in China

Utils varies depending on the months and how resilient you are. Summer for example, be careful with blasting big AC units all day, that can mow thru electricity SO fast — and in winter, the radiator heaters as well.. can end up with a ‘surprise’, 2000+rmb electricity bill for a month. If you’re aware of that problem though, I’d guess average electricity bills per month range from like $15-$30usd/month, water/gas negligable (few bucks more.)
You’ll also have to pay (likely) “wuguan fee”, basically grounds maintenance etc fee for the complex, which is dependent on the size/cost per sqm of the apartment and complex you’re in, maybe range about the same as electricity cost. Utils/wuguan really not so bad.

Health insurance – well, to be honest, even though I had it provided by my company while in China, I never used it. The one time I wanted to use it – when I had a kidney stone – they said I could not use it for the ‘golden area’ or whatever of huaxi hospital as it only covered general admittance (where you are in a huge public shared area for your entire stay) and domestic medicines. In other words, useless, but the cost of medical care here is so cheap that typically, if you’re healthy, you wont need to use insurance either – I don’t know anyone personally who has.