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he hua chi is still around north train station, they just moved a bit further out but just wander around there and you can get lost for days among cheap crap. Keep in mind though that none of it is special, and every shop has the same things. I tried to buy paper for an art project and they had only 2 textures in about 50 colors and that seems to go for every product.
DVDs 7 for movies, tv shows 3.5 per disc so say 14 for a 4 disc season.
sunglasses 25-100 depending on quality. Usually around 30ish.
Dont get spices from a wholesale vendor. Most people have their special flavor, so go to the spice stall at any food market and get as much of anything as you want. I once asked for 2rmb of huajiao a year ago and I’m still using that bag hahaha.