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I’d like to suggest The Poly Centre.

Chengdu has areas doing far more for the city’s cultural enterprise than the Poly Centre, which as far as I can see so far is on shaky ground. Hats off to anyone having a go at something, but the chips appear (un)fairly stacked there.

Patrick are you already here and underway on this? I would have said why not do a feature on Chengdu’s rising Art scene, which has continued to unfold widely in the last year. There are galleries/studios springing up across the city, supporting a burgeoning collective of artists working across a multitude of mediums. There’s been a very noticeable shift in emphasis towards the arts from within government over the last few months, with many new projects underway. There are individuals right here within the forum who would have something to say/show, and I’d be happy to introduce you to someone who’ll give you the inside track on what’s happening inside and out of Chengdu.