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Avatar photoRick in China

If you use HSBC accounts it will work like this: You can deposit into USD in USA, then you have to do an int’l transfer (free for HSBC Premier, otherwise like 120rmb/int’l transfer, yes, even tho it’s the same bank). You can do this transfer from your phone or computer. When you’re in China you will open up a CNY HSBC account to transfer into. You can do a USD(US account) > CNY(China account) transfer, then withdraw from the Chinese account freely as any other bank account. HSBC China likes to use passports not cards, so you’ll have to sort out a way to get a bank card with them.. I think they’re regarded as one of the more ‘high end’ banks here and aren’t typically used for local withdrawals.

I’d suggest seeing if you have the ability to get a bank of china account where you’re at, if I were you, I’d probably talk with the bank directly to find out whether I could just do direct withdrawals from ATM and what that rate would be vs. doing a conversion *IN CHINA* to CNY after any transfer fees, do the math, and sort out best option based on lowest cost.