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Avatar photoRick in China

“I only mess with the blind massage places, they are the real deal”

Fuuuuuuck that.. I went to two, one time each, and think they were deceptive liars.. either ‘new blind’ massage people who sucked at it, and did NOT massage in a way that felt relaxing or that they understood physiology.. or not blind at all and just put “blind” up there to get people to come in for shoddy massage. You probably know some great places, the authentic ones, and I probably went to bullshit places, BUT:

Here’s the one I think is the best authentic oldschool massage. It’s just south of Tianfu Square. From Tianfu Square, go straight south on renmin nanlu, take the first RIGHT. Walk to the end of the street, look on teh rgiht hand side.. there’s 2 massage places beside eachother that have been there for ages, full of families of masseuses, and they expanded over time to take up some apartments behind them. I think it’s called like traditional chinese massage school or something. There is a famous old laowai hostel next to it or somethin too.. I haven’t been in a while, but I think it was like 30 or so per hour without the extras (cups/scraping/hot stuff/etc) or something ridiculously cheap. Go go go!