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Avatar photoRick in China

I go there because they have a toys’r’us and I need toys’r’us brand bottle nipples. Aside from that, it’s worth checking out at least once.. the swim beach is a waste of money – it’s really expensive for what it is, but again, if you want to give it a shot, go for it – it includes food but the food is *shit*. The restaurants inside are mostly mediocre at best, I’ve eaten at several. Iceskating only has smaller size skates, I managed to fit into a pair of I think 10s or 10.5, was their largest at the time, and it hurt my toes – their skates are also all (or almost all?) the type with the little spikes on the front for figure skating.

It’s in the south directly south of city centre, along renmin south road, and you can get nearby via subway.. incubation park stop I think? haven’t subway’d there. Give ‘er a look if you haven’t been, if you’re not used to sort of…..illusionary extravagance that is common in China, you’ll certainly see it here 🙂