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Avatar photoRick in China

“and I doubt these rare titles are popular in China.”

You would be SO, SO surprised.

My friend is really into movies that you can’t typically find. When he visited, we went to one of the little dvd hole in the carparks beneath one of the computer cities, he was like, ‘holy shit, how did they end up with this’ to several titles. I can tell you a friend wanted to find Caligula for ages, and it wasn’t until he was perusing through the stacks of boxed DVDs that it was found on DVD-9, looking authentic as ever. While you may have some trouble finding some specific titles, you would also end up finding some gems just out of sheer luck.

Charlie is right – finding ‘authentic’ goods in China isn’t worth the effort, chances are, if you find something priced to be authentic in the DVD sphere, it’s not authentic anyways and you’re just lying to yourself. RE: Region free DVDs or whatever, China sells region-locked DVD players? Wa? Never knew. If you’re concerned, bring the DVDs you want to play or are concerned about to a shop that sells players, try them, they’ll let you — for me, I’d just buy a cheap ass blue-ray player or whatever off – couple hundred rmb delivered tomorrow to your door. 🙂