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after a year working in chengdu I have left the city yesterday and exit with 12 000 usd and 19 000 rmb all in cash no body customs and check point as asking me any thing ! you can exit or enter with usd 10k maximum with out any justify over 10 k you need bank certify documents it’s ours ! you can exit and enter china with maximum 20k rmb so the regulations for a country communist its same like western country ! bye bye chengdu I having a good time there i was working at global center intercontinental hotel opening did , the peoples in chengdu are very kind unfortunately for me the weather is so bad no sun pollution and haze and the language difficulty there ” no one speak english ” make me leaving for those want to come chengdu I cns just say chengdu its not like shanghai and other city developed still for chengdu a long way to go to be international city but it will in next near futures ! peoples in chenghdu its whats I will miss most for their kind attitude Cheers from South Asia ^^

That took balls! Congratulations and good luck.