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Avatar photoRick in China

recycle bottles/cans?

I always try to separate them, and when I take my stuff down to the garbage I always put bottles/cans bags separate beside the garbage rather than in it. I know the older ayi ladies at the compound try to collect up bottles and some specific materials (like cardboard/etc) so rather make it a little easier for them.

I find local people (at least, my wife) ALWAYS put empty bottles/cans in the garbage. I always pick them out if it’s one of my home bins. I mostly don’t like it because, if she wants to put plastic bottles or tins in the garbage, she can at least scrunch them down so they don’t take up this massive amount of room forcing me to change the bag more frequently 😀 From a pro-recycling perspective, I would wager that precisely zero bottles end up in landfill as by the time they get to a burial site they’ve probably been picked through 8-10 times and scavenged up. I sometimes wonder if the scavengers look inside all the bags….like, what about the bags I fill with used kitty litter, I wonder if someone scavenges through that, or what about diapers. I was thinking it’d be an interesting experiment, to put 50rmb and a “call this #, <some type of code here>” note in a diaper, saying if anyone sees this call the number and will send them additional money.. just to see if anyone actually opens that shit up during the scavenging process.