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We managed in three days: Chengdu to Wolong, Wolong to Rilong and finally Rilong to Baoxing.

Our ride was supported.  There’s a 20km stretch of road just before Wolong that since 2008 has been notoriously bad.  This we had to drive.

Wolong to Rilong is a big day, putting you over Balangshan at 4481 meters.  The descent to Rilong is unbelievable however.

The third day puts you up another big peak, Jiajinshan at 4133 meters.  The descent is a white-knuckling washboard.  Fun regardless.  We finished at about 160km in Baoxing and drove back.  We done the road past that into Ya’an but it’s increasingly trafficked, dirty, etc.  Doesn’t make for much of an enjoyable finish to three beautiful days of riding.