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Avatar photoCharlie

“If you’re driving down the road toward Flower Town (三圣乡 in Chinese), you’ll turn left into Flower Town through the main gate. From the main gate, Dojo is about a 3 minute drive, or a 15 minute walk.”. If I’m driving down the road toward Flower Town… really? any road? Doesn’t matter which direction I’m coming from, I still turn left into Flower Town?

Yes, exactly. Coming from Chengdu, the main gate to Flower Town will be on your left. Turn into it and you’re very close to the house. Two turns away, in fact. But it can be tricky to find those turns because…

So… just naming the roads and giving some kind of directions, like “take xxx road south about yyyy metres, turn left onto xxxx road, go xxx metres and turn right on xxxx road” would be soooooo much better.

The roads aren’t marked. Only the first turn is tricky though, the second one is at a dead-end when you’re about 200 feet from the house. What we might be able to do is put up a sign at the first turn, which you see just a few feet after you enter the Flower Town gate.

Thanks for the feedback though Brad, this is an area where we can do better.