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Chris left some good recommendations. I would second 二手玫瑰 and add Nova Heart to that list. One great way to discover good Chinese music in general is to hang out at Little Bar in Chengdu. Basically all of the best performers in China have played there and this is where you will find the cream of the crop in China. The audience for bad music in China is enormous but Little Bar is a very good cultivator of quality.

Some immortals Gods of Chinese rock music to check out are 窦唯 (Douwei), Cui Jian, and Tang Dynasty. I particularly like Douwei.

With regard to rap, I think that will be a little more practical as far as furthering your Chinese. Many of the lyrics in rock music are a little nonsensical, just like they are in English. Some rappers to check out are Soft Lipa and 小老虎. There’s a Wikipedia entry on Chinese Hip Hop which is a good place to get started.