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You still have issues using paypal to launder money to yourself back home via paypal?

I use ICBC as my bank (online shopping enabled and also have no limit buying shit.. Such as Taobao, ctrip ect ect).

A 2nd paypal account (use ur 2nd email, i have 2 gmail accounts one specifically for paypal china and other linked to my primarily account).

Use no VPN when using China’s paypal and VPN when signing onto your primary paypal account.

Have to use internet explorer for online checking buying/ confirming sending money via paypal.

Takes a few days to confirm ICBC and paypal for it to continue. Make sure names are in order.




Be warned, using paypal you are paying 4-5% round trip to send money. Use bitcoin, easy to send money. I send 5k rmb back to my US account with quite ease in matter or 20 minutes (4 days for it to hit my bank back home). Cost for bitcoin? 1-2% or even making 1% due to arbitrage.